Architecture & transformation

Designing robust, agile and resilient IT infrastructures

In a context increasingly more competitive and changing, the business of the IT Department has changed.

Your ability to react quickly, to innovate, to meet the new requirements of your users and to ensure high availability and security of your information cheaply has become a strategic factor in your performance and that of your business.

Our job is to help you design the infrastructure and provide the services to meet these new challenges.

Our extensive experience gained alongside clients in all sectors and of all sizes, allows us to provide you industrialized solutions, controlled both technological and budgetary terms but also tailored to your business and strategic issues.

Our partners:



  • Expert consultants, architects and engineers, certified by leading software and hardware manufacturers in the market
  • Solutions and technologies based on your current and future needs, on our feedbacks and in complete independence from our partners
  • A continuous watch on the technology market to allow you to benefit from new applications and value-added services
  • The analysis of existing infrastructure and the consideration of your issues for a solution to meet your current needs today, and those of tomorrow
  • A proven methodology for controlled management of impacts and costs, and seamless integration for your users
  • Monitoring and training your team on the implemented solutions for a facilitated failover
  • Our advices and support on your communication and training actions to your users for a better commitment to change.

Incorporate innovations and business demands without impacting your production or your users

Our consultants will advise you in your strategic choices to quickly integrate your business applications and innovations, and evolve consistently throughout your Information System.

All these changes are made in accordance with your goals, and without impacting the quality of your production or user satisfaction.